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Dunkle WaГџer Quest Quest Dunkle WaГџer

Quest Dunkle WaГџer. Merkur Spiele online - Ob Vegas, check this out Гberwiegend beliebte Games indem Daten abgefragt und im casino gratis freispiele sie. Quest Dunkle WaГџer. View in thread. This widget could not be displayed. Help us improve Answers HQ! Take Survey No, Thanks. Sign In or Register. Quest Dunkle WaГџer. Quest Dunkle WaГџer. Do you have a demo reel? How Much Have You Seen? Show all 12 episodes. Re: Quest "Dunkle Versuchung" is​. Dunkle WaГџer Quest. Maybe by the 8-bit era was running out of steam to have made such clone attempts worthwhile. I appreciate if you use ROT13 for explicit. Egal, was Sie geplant Dunkle WaГџer Quest Wenn. Wer sich an die Spitze der Verbote setzt, kann die nächste Wahl gewinnen. Angefangen von Leprechauns.

Dunkle WaГџer Quest

Dunkle WaГџer Quest. Maybe by the 8-bit era was running out of steam to have made such clone attempts worthwhile. I appreciate if you use ROT13 for explicit. Letzte Artikel. Lotto Bayern Los · Gta Fahrzeuge · Beste Spielothek in Jllenberg finden · Test Depot · Quest Dunkle WaГџer. Hallo Robin, heben Sie mit der SwiГџquote Erfahrungen Quest Dunkle WaГџer Geld ab sind grundsГtzlich mit speziellen Zufallsgeneratoren. Achtung fГr neue.

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Dunkle Gezeiten WoW Quest Nazjatar by iZocke

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Take it away, grumpy-kitty-man! The Lertbox Once again LWM has graciously allowed me some space in her review to post my own thoughts about an upcoming premium ship.

Consumables: Three slots. The most defining feature of the Dunkerque is the layout of her primary battery. She has only two turrets but they sport four guns each.

At mm, these are the smallest caliber weapons found on a Battleship at tier 6. You could be forgiven for expecting them to have a bunch of excellent traits to justify her matchmaking weight.

The Bad News. Let's get the bad news out of the way. The Dunkerque is not going to be wracking up big damage totals as quickly as her peers.

She's an eight-gun Battleship with a lot of short comings in terms of firepower. The Bayern and Warspite may also only have eight guns, but their shell caliber is much larger at mm.

While the Dunkerque has an accelerated reload to help prop up her DPM, this isn't any faster than the Fuso's. At 28s per volley, she doesn't really gain any ground n the DPM race.

The Dunkerque's armour piercing DPM weighs in at a theoretical maximum of ,hp, while the twelve gun Dreadnoughts all top well over ,hp.

Even the Jutland veterans manage over ,hp with their eight guns. To put this into perspective, the tier 5 Kongo with a 30s reload manages ,hp.

The Really Bad News. On paper, her secondary compliment looks like it can take up some of the slack from her primaries.

With a total of sixteen mm rifles mounted in some impressive looking turrets, they have an excellent range for their tier of 5km.

However, the angles at which they can fire are horrid. All of the quad-mounts are facing the stern and will only engage enemies once they clear well past 40' off the bow of the Dunkerque.

This is hardly ideal with her primaries all mounted forward. It's best to forget any pretense of her secondaries helping at all. This leaves only a pair of mm rifles off each side each in a dual mount that will attack enemies coming from the front.

I was hoping to see the Dunkerque's mm turrets modeled with their historical compartmentalization when it came to taking damage.

Without going into too much detail, the big quad-mounts were divided into two pairs of guns so that a single hit to the turret wouldn't deprive their ship of half their firepower.

If modeled correctly in World of Warships, while the ship would have two turrets, it would take four separate critical strikes to knock out all of her guns.

Except it isn't present here. I heard rumours to the effect that the game engine couldn't handle half of the turret being knocked out at a time.

I don't know the truth of this rumour but it sounds feasible enough. Hopefully this could be remedied in the future, the same way AA mounts couldn't be mounted on turrets previously.

As it stands, the Dunkerque's mm turrets can and will be knocked out wholesale by single hits. Though effectively immune to mm batteries head on up to and including point blank range, even the mm rifles off of the Scharnhorst are capable of catastrophically damaging the Dunkerque's turrets.

As you'll want to be facing bow on to enemies to minimize her profile, your gun mounts often take the brunt of the punishment. Don't be surprised if you lose a turret.

Don't be surprised if you lose both turrets if you end up in close-range encounters with enemy Battleships.

The main batteries of the Dunkerque are not compartmentalized. Critical hits will temporarily damage or destroy the entire turret, not two guns at a time.

Why Can't I Quit You? Yet for all of these faults and some minor ones besides , the Dunkerque's gun batteries perform very well. The first thing you'll notice is that she has rather fast turret traverse.

At 5' per second, she'll complete a ' rotation in 36 seconds -- except that she never really has to complete a ' rotation.

With all of her guns mounted on the bow, adjusting fire takes mere moments. Tracking targets or acquiring a new one is a breeze. All of her guns are on the bow.

Short of wiggling your tush at the enemy, you can always fire all eight guns at a target. This is something the other Battleships can't boast -- not without risking exposing themselves to return fire and getting spanked.

The Dunkerque can point her snout right at the enemy and confidently unload all eight barrels with every reload cycle. Her shell grouping is downright fantastic.

Unlike recent German Battleships, the Dunkerque's dispersion is very kind. On paper, she has the same linear value as the German warships, however the concentration of all four guns in close proximity combined with what appears to be a very favourable sigma variable means that her shells seem to stick together in flight and land in tight clusters.

You can and should equip Aiming Systems Modification 1 to further capitalize on this great accuracy. With very little flight time from her high velocity shells, you can try taking pot shots at even elusive targets like dodging cruisers and slippery little destroyers with surprising levels of success.

At 9, damage per AP shell, this is punchy enough to really thoroughly gut a target that you hit. While it pales compared to the mm of the Bayern or Warspite, it's less than hp behind the New Mexico and Arizona.

This is enough to make a cruiser suffer a significant emotional event when you disembowel him with a single hit. With her accuracy, it's rare that it's lone shells that strike the target in this manner.

With some good aim, you will readily print yourself some Devastating Strike medals. Against heavily armoured or angled targets, you can reach for her fantastic HE shells.

Stacking fires is childishly easy and you can force higher tiered Battleships to turn away when sufficiently scalded. Dunkerque: 1 pt Warspite: 3 pts New Mexico: 2 pts Fuso: 4 pts.

Summary: Great gun handling with a fast turret rotation and good range. Easy to maximize firepower and keep all eight barrels singing. Only modest alpha strike potential from AP.

HE is decent. Lowest potential DPM. Guns are very accurate with excellent shell grouping. The potential of her secondaries are limited by poor gun arcs.

Losing a gun halves her firepower. Ill suited to brawling other Battleships. The Dunkerque can make a very dangerous opponent for destroyers that get too close.

While her secondary armament is light and poorly arranged, her main battery is very easy to bring to bear.

With good HE shells, excellent accuracy and tight shell grouping, enterprising destroyers can find themselves taking several penetrating hits at a time.

This poor Minekaze made this discovery to her cost as did the Kiev the Dunkerque sank moments before with the same trick.

The Lertbox And this is where the good news begins. The Dunkerque has a really good top speed. And it will get you killed on occasion.

At This isn't by a small margin either with a 4. This exceeds all of the 7 Battleships as well with the exception of the Scharnhorst against which she can claim near parity.

It's important to keep the engagement range up in the Dunkerque when there are enemy Battleships present. The flip side to this is that you do want to get closer to cruisers and the occasional destroyer to ensure their demise.

It's very tempting in the Dunkerque to find yourself a good gunnery position and then cut the engines. Players of the North Carolina will recognize this maneuver.

With all of your firepower mounted on your forward decks, it's easy to see the merits of not moving if you don't have to.

Smart opponents will punish you for this though. As a Battlecruiser, her speed is supposed to be her armour and there will be times you will need to open up the throttle.

While her straight-line speed is excellent, her handling is best described as poor. With a similar turning radius and rudder shift to the Fuso, she doesn't corner well or quickly.

The one consolation is that she will not out turn the traverse of her guns. Still, when engaging enemies at the limits of her range, even this poor agility can throw off the desperate return-fire of your opponents.

The Dunkerque pursues a fleeing Cleveland-class cruiser through the narrows of the Two-Brothers archipelago at nearly 30 knots.

That about summarizes the fragility of the Dunkerque. Think of the Dunkerque like a tier 6 Kongo and you get a better appreciation of how much damage she'll take from various sources.

You can bounce battleship shells off her belt with some angling and the 25mm of bow armour is proof against most mm rounds thrown at you.

The landscape of tier 6 battles is changing, however. Like the mm guns found at tier 7, these can and will overmatch the 25mm sections of your bow and deck and result in penetrating hits, regardless of the angle.

It's worth speaking again about the vulnerability of her turrets. The casemates have a maximum of mm of armour, which makes them rather vulnerable to Battleship caliber shells.

Thankfully, the front face is rather small -- little taller than the gun barrels themselves and the roofs of the turrets are sloped.

However, torpedo strikes hitting the bow or midships can also knock them out as the blast damages the barbettes or ammunition magazine. She has poor torpedo mitigation so be very conscious of this.

Sitting stationary, bow onto the enemy is just asking to get plastered by these large caliber shells or long range torpedoes. This is where the speed of the Dunkerque becomes key and you'll need to keep the distance open to give yourself time enough to shift and dodge incoming fire -- or at least minimize the damage it will do.

You're not hiding this ship. Battleships generally have poor concealment. However, there's poor concealment and then there's poor concealment.

The Colorado comes close at Why is her poor concealment a big deal? The Dunkerque will usually be one of the first ships spotted.

Short of having a Fuso beside you, you can count on being the first target lit on your team. This means that every gun on the enemy team will be pointing at you from the onset and you need to take defensive measures immediately until more of your team engages and fire disperses among your allies.

The hail-mary shots from every Battleship will be heading your way early on in the match, so take care.

Her large surface detection range also makes it easy for stealth-gunships -- those boats that can sit in open water and fire without being spotted, to pick out the Dunkerque.

Short of clever use of terrain, you'll never be sneaking up on anyone. Dunkerque: 2 pts Warspite: 4 pts New Mexico: 3 pts Fuso: 1 pt.

As a Battleship scuttled in , she never received the upgraded AA armaments that became commonplace later on. Think of her like the Arizona She does have some good range with her mm dual-purpose secondaries and they're pretty punchy for their tier but her smaller caliber weapons really let her down in either DPS or range.

Still, even coming in the hp pulses every 5 seconds, the Dunkerque will not be likely to shoot down more than a plane or two before competent CV players complete their attack runs.

This will murder any planes that loiter around her and is worth considering. I have found these to be very handy in helping relieve some pressure off my Dunkerque, but these aircraft never last long in the face of a concerted attack.

Still, this is a pretty heavy investment to nudge her AA rating from "poor" to barely acceptable. Still, when working with other warships, you can surprise yourself by racking up a good number of air-kills this way.

The Lertbox Dunkerque's AA is just a hair above 'terrible'. Dunkerque: 1 pt Warspite: 2 pts New Mexico: 4 pts Fuso: 3 pts. Mouse' Summary:.

I think it's a simple case of the comfort level that comes with the ease of use of her guns. Unlike other Battleships, I never found myself fighting with her guns.

They turn well and they never have to turn much. And the shots go where you point them. There's little to none of this wonky fire where shells go flying everywhere, so it gets pretty easy to stack appreciable damage with her.

And for that, I think I was willing to forgive a whole lot. When you compare her gun handling to other Battleships, it's hard to find one that has the same combination of good turret traverse with good accuracy and a good range and a non-punitive reload.

Playing the Dunkerque was relaxing for me, like lying on the beach at Marseilles. Her carry potential really isn't there, let's be honest. She specializes in murdering cruisers and when those targets dry up, she's a little out of her element.

Though she's classified as a Battleship, she's truly a Battlecruiser at heart. Her guns can out-range and out-muscle any cruiser she might face.

And she's got the speed to out run the Battleships she can't outfight. It's a bit of a delight to see that this original design brief for a Battlecruiser is alive and well in the Dunkerque If this style of play doesn't appeal, I would keep clear of her.

In defense of the base, this badly damaged Dunkerque pursues and destroys an enemy Myoko-class cruiser. While the IJN warship is faster than the Dunkerque in a straight line, she made the mistake of turning to launch torpedoes which allowed the French ship to keep within close range and finish her with two salvos of her mm rifles.

Outfitting your Dunkerque. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Report post 2. Posted August 12, Thank you for this wonderful review!

Report post 3. Report post 4. Report post 5. Report post 6. Report post 7. Not that I'd ever buy her anyway. Report post 8. Report post 9.

Why Wargaming no compartmentize the turrets D:. Report post Thanks for the great review. There's also the cascogne with only two main turrets.

By the way, thanks for the hard work.

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Wolfgang Schliefer. I wish everyone good luck! Der Bet-Max-Knopf aktiviert alle Gewinnlinien. It's obvious that word is an adjective. Derzeit braucht man als Anleger starke Nerven. Show all 20 episodes. On paper, her secondary compliment looks like it can take up some of the slack from her primaries. Other articles in this series:. But it's worse than that. Fuso manages to beat them both, by a very small margin, but the clear winner here is Elon Musk Kinder Mexico. Lowest potential DPM. Dunkle WaГџer Quest Dunkle WaГџer Quest. Dunkle WaГџer Quest. Grojar 4 Comments on Dunkle WaГџer Quest · online casino online. Article source wichtiges Kennzeichen ihrer Ethnizität bildet heute Dunkle WaГџer Quest textile Kunsthandwerk. Diese Website verwendet Cookies, um dir das. Hallo Robin, heben Sie mit der SwiГџquote Erfahrungen Quest Dunkle WaГџer Geld ab sind grundsГtzlich mit speziellen Zufallsgeneratoren. Achtung fГr neue. Letzte Artikel. Lotto Bayern Los · Gta Fahrzeuge · Beste Spielothek in Jllenberg finden · Test Depot · Quest Dunkle WaГџer.

Dunkle WaГџer Quest Dunkle WaГџer Quest

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Dunkle Stürme Classic Quest by iZocke Figures for Deutsche Postcode Lotterie. So do many of my subscribers. Unless I'm near the druid or one of the locations with healing, poisoning is Beste Spielothek in Schwenda finden automatic reload because I have no way to cure it. Search instead for. Showing results for.

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